Pirainia Space Odyssey
May 20, 2016
8:00 pm
Korova Milk Bar, 12 Bourke St, Melbourne
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Pirainia – A space odyssey! Friday 20th May 2016.
Dress code: Space theme! Futuristic, sci fi, cyber steampunk, cyber goth. neo victorian.

Grab your space suit and get ready to blast off!

Korova Milk Bar
12 Bourke St, Melbourne
9pm – 4:20am (Or later)

Presale tickets:
1st round Early Bird SOLD OUT!
2nd round Early Bird SOLD OUT!
3rd round Presale A$20.00*

Tickets available here:

“The year is 2042 and the earth is in danger! Earth has become over run by mindless media zombies, clean drinking water is more rare than a drop bear, politicians fly everywhere in helicopters funded by taxpayers and unleaded petrol costs $42 per litre!

The crew of the star ship Pirainia are preparing for their journey into deep space, to try and find the promised land on the lost planet of Pirainiastan. Before they can blast off however, they must find passengers to join them for the journey and to help set up a new civilization on the promised land. After searching for passengers in the present year of 2042, all they can find are slaves to the rent trap caught in prisons called “jobs” and victims of the corrupt pharmaceutical industry, whose minds have been taken over and impregnated with a belief that a chemical called depioidressative is their only salvation.

As a last resort to find passengers suitable of setting up the new civilization on Pirainiastan, the star ship crew step through the Pirainian time portal and travel back in time to the 20th of May, 2016. Under the disguise of a space theme fund raiser party located at an inner city nightclub venue, the crew of the star ship Pirainia set up the infamous time portal as a testing ground for potential deep space explorers. Preparing all who attend the event for their future journey into deep space, by taking them on a journey through time to 2042, only then for the new found time travelers to be returned to 2016 as if it was all just an epic party! ”

Pirainia is having a space theme fund raiser for our Burning seed theme camp.

Every dollar raised from this event will go towards the costs of helping the Pirainia Theme Camp return to Burning Seed in 2016!

Music over 2 levels by DJs:

Peter Piro Weber / “Bun-D.M.C”
KaTgirl vs Vajazzlel
Big Fucking Robots
B 4 R K L Y
Christopher Citizen Gafforini
Errol James
Adam Small
Dr Hefna
Miss Terry
+ More

Live Performances by
David Stewart
Jessy Spin
Sophie deLightful

Presale tickets:
1st round Early Bird SOLD OUT!
2nd round Early Bird SOLD OUT!
3rd round Presale A$20.00*

More on the door (if not sold out!)
* To make sure everyone has space to dance (pun intended) this event is strictly limited to 250 tickets *

As the theme for Burning Seed this year is “Deep Space”, What better way to test out some costume ideas than with a deep space theme fund raiser.

More info coming soon or visit pirotechnics.net